Review New Avengers #10 “Never Underestimate Your Enemy”


Black Bolt has informed the Illuminati of what Thanos is really seeking on Earth. He tasks them with beating the cosmic villain to the punch. But it appears that he has more up his sleeve than he is letting on to his brothers. Thanos is far from pleased with how things went for Black Dwarf in Wakanda and decides it is best for the remaining Black Order to deal with the rebellious nation while he alone goes to collect his tribute from the Inhumans.
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It’s very interesting to see what Jonathan Hickman is going with New Avengers in relation to everything else that is happening in Infinity. If nothing else, it enhances the threat of Thanos as his appearance proper in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How he does not take to failure by striking down Black Dwarf with the kind of fierce strength that gives one the impression that it makes the other members of the Black Order quake. And these are villains of who have thus far been well developed so far in the story. Some readers may have a problem with the pacing, but I think it’s doing a fine job in building up to whatever explosion Hickman has in store for those who have been reading the event in full.
newavengers10-pageMike Deodato has been mighty impressive with his contribution to the series thus far. It works wonderfully as a follow-up to Steve Epting while also working in continuity with the way Infinity looks. The illustrations are dynamic when they have to be, but are subtle enough to really play with the emotions the characters evoke. There is some concern of stiffness here and there, yet it’s all just minor. When the characters move, they move with a great deal of fluidity. Take when Thanos strikes down Black Dwarf so simply. There’s no question that there’s strength behind the villain’s power and it’s in full display with one simple drawing. Frank Martin does a wonderful job with the coloring as well.

Thus far, Infinity as a whole has been a fantastic story. This entry in New Avengers is a worthy chapter in the event and manages to stand on its own with well crafted storytelling from Jonathan Hickman and great drawings from Mike Deodato. It may not be the best either the title or the event has seen to date, but it’s good enough to be recommended.

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