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Review New Avengers #9 “Evil Strikes”


With nearly all of the Avengers trying to stop the Builders, Thanos chooses this opportunity to strike Earth, claim his Tribute, and obtain the sole remaining Infinity Gem. And knowing who the members of the Illuminati are, he sends his most feared generals The Black Order to retrieve it. Black Dwarf heads to Wakanda to confront Black Panther. The Ebony Maw tackles Doctor Strange. Corvus Glaive and Supergiant battle the X-Men. But Proxima Midnight finds a rather submissive Namor, who may tell her everything.
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You have to imagine that Jonathan Hickman wanted to start off his run on Avengers is such a big way as to boggle the mind. Infinity is the kind of event that feels like it has been planned years in advance. I really like the way Hickman continues to craft this major story and still be able to make it flow. New Avengers finds the Illuminati confronting what could be a very fearsome group with The Black Order, or Cull Obsidian. This is a very good issue to showcase just how dangerous each member is and Hickman throws in a page to explain who they are and how their loyalty to Thanos makes them an even greater threat than first imagined. While their personalities haven’t really been fleshed out yet, they could very well be the best new villains of the year with just how vicious and merciless they are.
newavengers09-pageMike Deodato is probably the right illustrator to bring these fearsome creatures to life. The way he is able to give each villain not only a unique design from each other, but from other villains is nice in a terrifying manner. He also manages to get panels of them at their most evil. Such as when Proxima Midnight stands over the broken Namor, with the shadow falling over her upper body and her eyes glowing menacingly. Or how Ebony Maw appears to be torturing Doctor Strange that it is the stuff of nightmares. Even the way Corvus Glaive strikes down Wolverine makes one shudder with horror that such a character who could pull this off exists. These are some of the best visuals of villains at their most diabolical I’ve seen all year.

New Avengers #9 continues to show that Infinity may be one of the finest events published by Marvel. Jonathan Hickman weaves a nearly masterful issue that showcases some of the most vicious villains to ever be introduced. Mike Deodato takes them a step further with visuals that will easily give young readers nightmares. This is one of the best issues and comes highly recommended.

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