Review Nightwing #17 “Post-traumatic Joker Disorder”


Tornado Joker has swept through Dick Grayson’s life destroying everything he holds dear, only to vanish leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Willing the pain and heart ache away Dick goes about his life playing that he is okay. The damage to his heart and mind has left scares that only one can see. Now one Robin follows another in hopes to be a balm that heals a broken Nightwing. Robin will not allow Gotham City’s conscience to fall to despair alone.


After reading this issue I have determined that Batman and his family are the best written comics that D.C Comics New 52 has to offer. Nightwing was so good I could forgive all of the other poorly scripted issue D.C releases. The internal struggle Nightwing faces in this issue was spectacular. If Batman is Gotham’s Dark Knight then Nightwing is its White Knight. So what happens when your moral compass falls to despair? You get a gripping tale of heart ache and redemption. This is a side of Nightwing I have never seen. Over and over in this issue people are constantly telling him that he is the one who puts his faith in people, the one person in Gotham who still believes that there is hope out there. It is amazing what Kyle Higgins did with Nightwing. More brilliantly is what Higgins did with Robin. The connection those two young men have in this issue brought goose bumps to my arms. The emotional trauma in Nightwing issue 17 was tangible. I cannot think of one person who could not relate to Dick. Higgins somber narratives where impeccable and the story he tells is enthralling. I would have to say this just might be the most well written Nightwing comic I have ever read.


The entire artistic team of Juan Jose Ryp, Roger Bonet, and Bret Smith pulled out all the stops on this adventure, fastening an intricate narrative with a beautiful artistic design. I’m always a bit nervous when a new artistic team takes the rains from a group that has produced an amazing issue. Ryp and company delivered the impossible on this issue, composing panel after panel or illustrations that dwarf most comics today. Penciler Juan Jose Ryp precision combined with Roger Bonet  amazing inking and Bret Smiths dark and rugged color scheme yields one incredible issue.

I am becoming a huge fan of Kyle Higgins and his Nightwing Comics. His brilliant and cerebral narratives are moving and exciting. Then new artistic team surpasses their predecessors in ways that boggle the mind. Every Nightwing issue gets better; I cannot wait to see what happens next. Nightwing #17 get a 10 out of 10. This broken Nightwing is perfect.


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  1. Well the enthusiasm alone in this review makes me very excited to go pick this one up! The art looks amazing!!

  2. Amazing Issue I added it to my pull after your last review. blew my mind. Dick Greyson is the only Robin. I’m just waiting for him to come back. tho I know it will never happen.

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