Review Nova #4 “A Colorful Journey”


Sam Alexander has taken over the mantle of Nova from his missing father. His first mission is supposed to be a simple scouting mission: locate the Chitauri Armada and immediately return with the coordinates. Upon arriving, however, he is spotted and fired upon. To make matters worse, he seems to be unable to communicate with Gamora and Rocket Raccoon. Fortunately, Sam has a few tricks up his sleeves and he’s not about to go down as easily as one would imagine. But he nonetheless encounters someone he does not expect and it could shake his faith in himself and his father.

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Jeph Loeb has been surprising me with how much fun he has made Nova out to be. He has developed Sam into a likable kid who is in way over his head of what he has gotten himself into and how he tries to cope with it. This results in not thinking things through and just acting on the fly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This issue shows fair examples of both as he manages to evade the Chitauri for a bit, only the find himself getting knocked down rather quickly by their leader. The pace moves along a little quick, but it actually fits well enough with the narrative that it is not really a problem.

nova04-pageEd McGuinness continues to impress me with how much better he has become over the years. These are some beautiful illustrations he is putting together, creating some rather fearsome foes Sam finds himself encountering. He also remains mindful of Sam’s small stature, not emphasizing on muscles and more on how to make him move swiftly and fluidly. Of course, the real charm has and may always be with the brilliant coloring by Marte Gracia, who is turning into my favorite colorist in comic books with his work here and on All New X-Men. Just the way he creates effective lighting and shading is breathtaking.

Nova is certainly a title I was not expecting to like as much going in. After four issues, this is turning into a wonderful series. Jeph Loeb is writing some of his finest work to date and Ed Guinness has improved into a superior illustrator than before. Combine them with the beautiful coloring by Marte Gracia and this is a series that I have no hesitation recommending. I urge readers to check it out.

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