Review Powers Bureau #1 “@#$@ %$#@!”



After the monumental attack on Chicago the F.B.I is officially absorbing Power related crimes investigations. With her partner Walker still missing Agent Pilgrim gets assigned a new partner. When a new case arises Agent Pilgrim and her new partner go in on the hunt for a man selling his super powered genetic material to women.  The super powered sickos and criminals btter beware of Agent Pilgrim backed by the Bureau.

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I’ll just come right out and say it Brian Michael Bendis is a genius and a word Ninja! Powers has always been an astonishing series, but Powers Bureau might just eclipse it. The fowl mouth heroine Deena Pilgrim is an amazing character consumed with rich personality and focused rage. I was most intrigued by the side story of where she spent the last year after the attack. Her search for the missing children was compelling and rich, showing a side of Pilgrim that you really do not get to see often. It was a real privilege to peek behind the iron curtain that is her persona. This issue shows a side of Bendis that we rarely see as well. The dialogue is raw and ruff, dancing on the line of indecency and civility. His narratives are multifaceted; weaving a tapestry of subtle side stories that skim so below the surface that when they finally converge you not only see the larger picture you can also see the individual threads that make it. Without even realizing by reading this issue you see the works of a master. Like I said before Bendis is a word Ninja!!!


Michael Avon Oeming is amazing.  His artistic style is so incredibly unique choosing to over emphasize shading over detail. His use of color in this issue is innovative allowing the colors to define the characters and landscapes and not harsh pen strokes. There is a lot of comic books artist that over sketch their issues and I love that style but Oeming is so precise with his pen strokes that it only takes one line to make a difference.

Powers was one of my favorite independent comics before but I think Powers Bureau Just might surpass it. Between Powers, Scarlet, and everything that he does at Marvel Brian Micheal Bendis is without of doubt the greatest comic book writer of our generation. Powers might be an unusual, fowl, and complex comic but it is in every way astonishing. Powers Bureau #1 get a 10 out 0f 10. Bendis is a word Ninja!!!


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