Review Punisher War Zone #4 “Guilty . . . Guilty . . . Guilty”



The trial of the millennium had commenced, verdict is GUILTY. Now The Punisher’s accomplice Marine Sergeant Rachel Cole-Alves faces the death penalty. In her heart she knows she will not be facing this injustice alone. Somewhere out in the thick of New York City a man stands in the shadows. A predator in the darkness, sizing up his prey, readying for the attack, every moment plotting, and all the while knowing there precious is little time. The danger is high and a life is at stake. The world’s greatest minds and strategists are anticipating his every move. There is no choice The Punisher shall set SGT. Rachel Cole-Alves free no matter the cost!


Wow that is all I need to say. Review over! Not Really.

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Of all The Punisher comics I have read and collected over the years this just might be the best I have ever read. Punisher War Zone issue 4 was undoubtedly the best Marvel comic book of 2013. This issue had an ambience to it that is indescribable. I got a feeling while reading this issue that I normally only receive from the big screen. Something excited me down to my core. The execution of the plot in this issue was flawless. From the way The Black Widow describes how The Punisher will return to New York to Captain America’s conversation with Wolverine, this issue is perfection. I loved the comparison of marksmanship between The Punisher and Hawkeye. Greg Rucka is nothing short of brilliant in the issue. It is more than obvious that Greg not only knows his characters but understands them in a way comic book writers seldom do.


I did not buy into the art work in this issue at first. The art was not bad, it was just unusual. Every panel felt veiled. As if the artist was trying to shroud something from the reader. It was not until nearly the end of the issue that I discovered it. Artist Carmine Di Giandomenico was concealing everything. Frank Castle and his plan to release the SGT were hidden in the artwork, buried deep within the pages. To put it simple everybody on this creative team achieved an excellence that few others have.

It is not often that I feel I could understand everything in a comic book by just the illustrations. Even more seldom is when I can picture in my mind what the illustrations will be by just reading the dialogue. This issue is excitement on paper, adrenalin in print, and brilliance manifested. I cannot praise this issue and this comic arc higher. The Punisher War Zone Issue 4 receives 10 out of 10. Best Punisher comic in recent memory.


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