Review Punisher War Zone #5 “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”



The Avengers have been disassembled by Frank Castle and Sargent Cole-Alves has been set free. Of all the villains The Avengers have faced none may be more dangerous than a hero. Regrouping after the beating they took at the hands of The Punisher, The Avengers go on the hunt. Frank Castle’s motto has always been “if you want peace be prepared for war” so now he gears up. Hoping to by Alves enough time to escape The Punisher lays in wait for a battle he knows is futile. He alone may be the only man that can slow down earths mightiest heroes long enough for Sgt Cole-Alves to complete their mission.

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In the many years that I have been reading comic books there is one thing that I have come to expect from a finale, disappointment. To my great surprise Punisher War Zone issue 5 ended in explosive fashion. When most comics give a finale that underwhelms The Punisher delivers the epic confrontation that the entire miniseries has lead up to. The misdirection’s, booby traps, and nonlethal warfare were a brilliant climax to an already stellar comic arc. Writer Greg Rucka composed a war strategy worthy of Tao himself. The composition of this issue was amazing taking account for every characters histories and Frank Castle’s ability to exploit their weaknesses. This is without out doubt the best Punisher story ever told.


The raw artistic design to this comic is the perfect addition to narrative. Every panel flows to next telling a story of its own. There is an astonishing series of panels that shows The Punisher standing on a platform then disappearing into the Carnival around him as a lion would the brush of the Savanna just before a kill. This is where you find the genius of Carmine Di Giandomanico. He has the ability to illustrate a story of pictures that need no words to tell.

It kind of makes me sad that this is the last issue of the miniseries. This was as I said before the best Punisher Story ever told. This issue had everything a good Punisher comic needs strategy, violence, and a mission. This comic makes you want more in the best ways possible. I hope that this is not the last we see from this creative team regarding The Punisher. I give Punisher War Zone #5 a 10 out of 10. The epic conclusion to the best written Punisher comic does not disappoint.

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