Review Red Lanterns #16 “Rage With the Machines”



Lanterns from the entire spectrum have a common enemy, The Guardians of the Universe. The former leaders of the Green Lantern corps The Guardians of Oa have deemed them a failure. The Guardians new goal is to bring forth the Third army. A virus like race of unknown origin that assimilate all sentient life into their ranks, completely unaffected by emotions, they set out to destroy the emotion spectrum. The Red Lantern Atrocitus has arrived on his dead home world of Ryutt. His mission is the raising of an army of machines known as the Man Hunters to lay siege to the planet Oa. Many obstacles lie before him before his objective can be completed. Oa must be stopped at all cost, The Red Lanterns must survive.

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Red Lanterns issue 16 is trash. The only compliment I can give this issue is it survived as something to do during the Super Bowl black out. I do my utmost to always try to find something worthwhile in an issue but this comic was so terrible that I am unable to find the words. There is really no point to have a monthly issue for the Red Lantern corps. This issue does nothing to further the current crossover. There are no relatable characters that you want to follow. The Red Lanterns are a great antagonists for the Green Lanterns but by no means deserve the own feature. The scripting of this issue is pitiful. Most of the narratives are weak and are pointless over explanations of things that have happened in previous issues. The sections that do need explanations receive none. This was a poorly planned issue. The artistic design of this the comic is sloppy. It  felt more like it was torn from the pages of the artistic teams coloring books and not something D.C comics commissioned a team to do.

This whole issue was nothing more than a waste of time and $2.99. I feel bad for disliking this issue so much but I feel as if I spent more time writing this review than the whole team did scripting and illustrating this comic. This issue falls as one of the great atrocities of comic books and one of the reasons people don’t take comic books serious. Red Lanterns #16 receives 1 out of 10. The trees that this issue was printed on died for nothing!!!!


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