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Review Robyn Hood: Wanted #3 “Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover”


Robyn and Will have returned to Myst, but not under their own accord as the hired assassin Avella continues her assault upon them. It is in the fight that Robyn discovers more pieces to the puzzle that is her origin, and wonders if her actions both in Myst and Earth will have a negative affect that could hamper Will’s faith in her. Meanwhile, Gisborne’s plans slowly come to fruition and those around him are starting to wonder if he’s going too far in his plot to destroy Robyn.

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One thing I’ve been admiring about how Pat Shand is handling Robyn Hood: Wanted is his patience with letting the story flow as opposed to having the action dictate the pace. Shand slowly reveals more about the characters and the situation at hand in a way that is compelling and quite exciting to read. The build up to what Gisborne plans to do is fascinating as is how Robyn is evolving into a true heroine by confronting her fears in a way she has never done before. Shand writes such scenes with great care and elegance that it makes the story all the better than the average retelling of legendary tales. It’s easy for me to view this version of the Robin Hood method as surely one of the best as a result.

rhwanted03-pageLarry Watts is illustrating some fine artwork to view. There is grace and fluidity to the way the characters move and they don’t look stiff even when they’re standing still. The action sequences are great to look at and the dramatic moments feature great facial expressions that enhance the storytelling. The coloring by Nick Filardi appears flat, but this may actually be a subtle form of deception. There’s a great deal of depth and definition that that presented whenever crystals are activated, adding dimension to the power that they possess. The shadows are also used in a fine way to illustrate darkness not only in a scene, but also in the personality of a character. It only makes the story that much better to read.

Robyn Hood: Wanted continues to be one of the truly great comic book stories that folks need to discover. The care and elegance Pat Shand displays in the writing is magnificent and the artwork by Larry Watts breathes such wonderful life from page to page. Don’t let the sexiness of the women on the covers fool you, this is one of the finest books available right now. Robyn Hood: Wanted comes highly recommended.

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