Review Savage Wolverine #2 “More Like Stupid Wolverine”



Wolverine and Shanna continue to battle the dinosaur inhabitants of the island. It doesn’t help that neither one seems to be the on the same page, in particular Wolverine’s belief that Shanna should not be putting herself in danger while she continues to prove that she is more than capable of handling pterodactyls and raptors. Meanwhile, someone else has arrived on the island under mysterious circumstances. However, he manages to find a way to curtail the neanderthals into not killing him.

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Issue #1 of Savage Wolverine was merely okay, issue #2 is not much better. In fact, it makes the title one of the weaker books in the Marvel NOW! initiative. Frank Cho apparently didn’t do his homework because his Wolverine is quite the dolt. Granted it’s a nice change from all the other books having Wolverine display why he is the best at what he does, Cho can’t seem to make him interesting in any way. Furthermore, there appears to be a contradiction as Wolverine and Shanna appear to be meeting each other for the first time, as evident with how Shanna knocks him for his height, whereas in the previous issue they’re already familiar with one another. To already deviate from continuity is not a good sign for the future of this book.


The only appealing factor is certainly the artwork. Cho can draw beautiful women and draw them so well that it can sometimes make understanding the plot inconsequential. Unfortunately, Shanna is the only female body throughout the book and she only appears in a third of it. That’s not to say he draws male characters bad, he can draw them pretty well himself. Even the dinosaurs look great. They just can’t distract from the mediocre storytelling that is taking place. The coloring by Jason Keith is fine, making the pretty pictures look that much more impressive. As such, this book is certainly the type where reading is not a necessity.

Wolverine is the most overused character in Marvel right now. The number of appearances can certainly be reduced without it being of great concern to the overall scheme of things. Savage Wolverine is certainly a title that few would miss, except for those who love the illustrations of females that Frank Cho is quite excellent at drawing. The problem is definitely the storytelling, which is nowhere near to being good. Aside from the pretty drawings, there really is no reason to pick up this book. So it’s easy for me not to recommend any reader to check it out.

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