Review Scarlet #6 (You are Invited Too)


With one bullet from the barrel of a corrupted detective’s gun Scarlet Rue’s life was destroyed. With one bullet from a corrupted detectives gun Scarlet Rue awoke. With her perceptions bleeding out on the floor with her boyfriend, Scarlet saw the world for what it was. An evil fraudulent façade contaminated by greed and power. Upon her awaking something shook loose inside her, a longing for true justice. At that moment in time Scarlet decided to fight back. Executing a slew of cops on the take and posting it on youtube Scarlet is now determined to wake the sleeping giant of society. Gathering followers to her cause she will stop at nothing to save the world from those in power.

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One of the most “true to life” comics I have ever read, Brian Michael Bendis show the world once again that he is the primer comic book writer of this generation. Granted Scarlet’s methods are extreme, the principles remain the same. Scarlet is a revelation of revolution, the story line hits so close to home in the wake of recent events in southern California. Bendis’ Scarlet achieves the highest level of perfection from start to finish. Every morsel of dialogue in this issue is compelling and complex, tugging at the very heart of the reader. Every phrase pushes the reader to examine the injustice that surrounds them and induces emotion and a desire to help. Bendis’ character Scarlet spins a tale midway through the issue of a little girl who witnessed the murder of her innocent father that nearly brought tears to my eyes. By the end of this issue I was ready to join Scarlet’s revolution.


Alex Maleev’s artwork is magnificent. Painting some of the finest illustrations I have ever seen. Any given panel in Scarlet is worthy of display in the Louvre. Hauntingly beautiful his artwork depicts some of the most gruesome, real to life acts of violence in comic books today. Each and every panel flows like a ballet in perfect synchronicity and grace alongside the power of Bendis’ narratives. Every brush stroke is consumed with procession and purpose. Alex Maleev sets a new standard in modern comic book art.

Scarlet issue 6 is an important title for everyone to read. It is emotional and powerful, beautiful and gratifying. This issue is all encompassing, showing the comic books are not just for Superhero mythos. There are no words to accurately describe what a remarkable achievement this issue is. I give Scarlet #6 an 11 out of 10. It is impossibly amazing.


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