Review Scarlet Spider #14 “The Other Returns”



Kaine is dead, but this is not the first time he has crawled his way from oblivion. There is too much on the line and no time to be dead. Somewhere in the city a little girl is being hunted by the werewolves Los Lobos. Kaine must find his way back from the darkness, but he will not come alone. The other had been waiting for him in the unseen realm, waiting to release the monster that Kaine has kept dormant his entire life. In the end what will arise with in him, the man who plays being a Spider or the Spider who plays being a man?

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There are a few special moments in a nerd’s life. The first time they watch Star Wars, discovering their favorite Superhero, and witnessing a comic book arc you love come full circle. Chris Yost accomplished a feat I have been waiting for sense 2008. It has always bothered me that there was no real explanation to what happened to Spiderman’s new powers after the events of “One More Day”. Yost pulled off the resurgence of The Other with grace and precision. No one else could have done what Yost did and only Kaine could have fit this narrative. The dialogue in Scarlet Spider is spectacular, on par and congruent to the original J. Michael Staraczynski and company run. This is the highest compliment I could give this issue. Yost is brilliant!


When the dialogue is stellar how can you make an issue better? The answer is let Khoi Pham illustrate it. The precision of his pencil is the life blood of the issue. He creates a unique world for the Scarlet Spider. I love that Pham illustrated The Other to mirror Peter Parker. The look and feel of everything in the comic works in perfect concert alongside Yost incredible narrative.

I was taken aback by the reemergence of The Other. I could not describe the joy and surprise by this unexpected turn in the narrative. This was an excellent issue that was elegant and raw at the same time. Yost and Pham worked wonderful with one another.  I really look forward to the next phase of this arc. Scarlet Spider receives a 9 out of 10. Unexpected and astonishing.


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