Review Silver Surfer by Stan Lee and Moebius “Parable”



A reprint of the two-issue mini-series from 1988, Silver Surfer by Stan Lee and Moebius sees two incredible talents coming together to create a story of wonder and amazement. It is a time when humanity is at its darkest hour, filled with greed, malice, and hate. They are at their most vulnerable, ripe for Galactus to sway them into believing him a deity whose words speak truth. Humanity listens and accepts blindly, sending them on a path to certain self-destruction. Only the Silver Surfer, the former herald of Galactus, can stop the madness from reaching its fatal conclusion.

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Folks nowadays tend to knock on Stan’s writing as being old-fashion or out-dated for modern readers to appreciate. I won’t fault any one for thinking that, but I believe that such criticism is certainly not the case for this Silver Surfer story. This is arguably one of the most thought-provoking tales Stan has ever crafted. He really grasps an understanding of human nature in both its most triumphant and tragic moments, as witnessed by an alien being wondering whether or not they are worth saving. One scene I really like is when the Surfer converses with Elyna, sister to a power-hungry evangelist using the coming of Galactus as an opportunity to be seen as a prophet. In a few pages, the two talk about faith and it reads quite eloquently.


What more can be said about Moebius that hasn’t already been said? The late master artist brings a unique vision to the super hero genre with simple, yet poetic illustrations that mesmerize. His ability to understand how to best draw the eye of the reader to look at his work is extraordinary. Take a look at how he stages a scene, conveying size, mass, and movement like when Galactus engages the Surfer. I have no trouble believing that Galactus can tower over buildings or that the Surfer can dodge in-coming fire with ease. Then there is the way Moebius colors his work, providing a unique form of depth and definition to his illustrations. They may seem flat by today’s standards, but they are no less beautiful to look at.

When it was first released, Silver Surfer by Stan Lee and Moebius won the Eisner Award for Best Finite or Limited Series. It has been reprinted a number of times by Marvel in the past under the subtitle Parable. Unfortunately, it is not easy for someone to get their hands on any previous copy of the story. Which is where this printing comes in. Not only is it a new release, but it is extremely affordable. For eight bucks, this is an absolute steal of a deal. Granted this means the loss of special features like behind-the-scenes material, this is an easy recommendation to make.

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