Review Supergirl #17 “H’el Hath No Fury like Supergirl Scorned”



The end for Earth is nigh and Krypton is rising from the ashes. One thing stands between Supergirl and killing the man who would undo the rebirth of her home, Wonder Woman. As time winds down Earth begins to tear at her seams. The fabric of existence is nearly unraveled and the final battle has begun. A battle that that will inevitably destroy one world, Supergirl will face not only her most powerful opponent but the truth. H’el hath no fury like a Supergirl scorned.

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Supergirl issue 17 was both a triumph and failure. There were some very strong banter between Supergirl and Wonder Woman. The characterization of Wonder Woman was spot on. She moved and spoke with complete accuracy. This is where Mike Johnson excels. I would love to read a Mike Johnson scrited Wonder Woman comic. His downfall however is the scripting of everyone else. Supergirl’s inner monologue is consumed with the obvious. Nearly every line she speaks is over dramatized and weak. This was upsetting because Wonder Woman’s dialogue so strong. This comic book is supposed to be highlighting Supergirl. Instead it felt more like the Wonder Woman show. This comic book has both extreme highs and severe literary lows. If Johnson’s ultimate goal is to move the crossover along then accomplishes his goal and not much more.  page-2-3

The inconsistencies do not stop with just the writing. Artist Mahmud Asrar has moments when he is so talented. There are instances when his artwork is reminiscent of Leinil Yu. Then you turn page and there are a series of panels that are flat and undefined. In key pivotal scenes however Asrar shines. For example when Wonder Woman has Supergirl hog tied with the Lasso of Truth, this page is extremely well illustrated. I just wish that Asrar took this kind of care with all of his illustrations.

There were some astonishing moments with both the writing and the artwork. Alas those victories were fleeting as each page turn reveals a disheartening low. I wasn’t really expecting much from this comic but I have to say this was a better issue than the last. Not by much but better all the same. I give Supergirl #17 a 7 out of 10. More Highs and lows than the Himalayas.


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