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Review Superior Carnage #1 “Making Your Bowls Liquefy Since 1991”


A recently lobotomized Cletus Kasady has been apprehended and moved to a Super Villain class prison. It is here where Carnage comes forth and does exactly what carnage does best; engender as much death as possible. In the midst of the blood and other bodily fluids that have now begun to cool of the prison floor emerges a man that will seek to bend this monster to his will.

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The beauty of a character like Carnage is its simplicity. There is nothing that can tank a comic faster that adding to much depth to a character that is one dimensional but on the other hand how much can you can you realistically drive a comic with a character that does one thing. Carnage falls into that category of an innate paradox. By adding to the character it diminishes its very nature but by not adding it is limited by very nature. Writer Kevin Shinick has devised the most elegant solution to the Carnage conundrum. By lobotomizing Cletus Kasady and subtracting his serial killer persona Shinick has opened the door on a treasure trove of character possibilities all while keeping Carnage the way he is supposed to be a pure killer.SUPCARNAGE2013001-int-LR-3-59801This comic was beautiful in its simplicity. Shinick has a fantastic humor regarding the absurdity of the character’s he utilizes. The narrative is as straight forward as you can get while mixing in some unexpected twists. The Villain Wizard uses his ability of mind control to organize a break out releasing Carnage to pave the escape in the blood of anyone who may stand in his way. What I really enjoyed about his issue was that Shinick stayed true to who these characters are.  The Wizard is over the top and spouts a near endless monologue of his master plan and Carnage simply kills. This issue was not over complicated and yet perfect.

superior-carnage-1-1What stood out the most to me were Stephen Segovia’s amazing illustrations. One of the hardest things to transfer to page is the transformation of Cletus to Carnage and as a huge fan of the character I can say with all confidence that Segovia nailed it. One of the most common things that I find in comic book art is that some artists do not put effort into every panel. Some panels in comics are just thrown in carelessly. This issue however takes full advantage of every inch of the page. This dedication to his craft and quality is really a breath of fresh air and a statement of his tremendous talent and commitment to illustrating a great comic. superior-carnage-1-1

This was a very surprising issue to me. I really did not have high expectations for a Carnage centered comic. I was very wrong in my assumptions. This issue was in every way stellar. The narration was simplistic and engaging but it is the art that truly captivates. I give Superior Carnage #1 a 9 out of 10. I can’t wait for the next issue. speech-bubble-quote-backgroWhat are your thoughts on Carnage getting his own comic? Comment below and Follow me on Twitter @pzenns.