Review Superior Spider-Man #4 “Never let a Psycho Live”




There is a hush that has fallen across the city of New York. The word has spread that Spider-Man is not to be trifled with. As the fear of Spider-Man set in the hearts of villain everywhere one man with no empathy murders his way out of prison. With Peter Parker’s mistakes bursting forth and landing on shoulders of Dr. Otto Octavius, he takes it upon himself to rectify the situation permanently. With Massacre on the loose and the body count rising Spider-Man hatches out a plot to end his spree once and for all.

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There is nothing that I enjoy more than a Dan Slott Spider-Man comic. There is no one better at revitalizing irrelevant characters than Dan Slott. Massacre might be one of the most insignificant villains in history of Spider-Man comics. He is not special in any way. In fact he fits in more with someone who would be at odds with The Punisher.  This is the genius of Dan Slott. Bringing in Massacre is a brilliant way to push Spider-Man to finally make the choice to kill due to the fact that he is relatively obscure and more importantly completely expendable. Dan Slott continues to impress with his superior writing ability and his knack for well-timed comedy. No one else could find the humor in morose and grim character like Otto Octavius. Using the lack of a Peter Parker Doctorate as a catalyst to draw a comical situation from Octavius was a great addition to issue. Dan Slott owns Spider-Man and as always puts his best foot forward while scripting this comic.



As usual Giuseppe Camuncoli does an astronomical job illustrating this comic book, I love the new design of the ever evolving Doc Oc Spider-Man costume. He brilliantly blends the black costume with the traditional one with a Doc Oc tech twist. I will say my favorite panels in this issue are the ones where he has Peter Parker dressed in Doc’s scientific attire. The overall design of this issue is outstanding. Even his gruesome mass murder scenes have elegance about them. It appears as if Giuseppe Camuncoli was born to draw Spider-Man.


The Spider-Man comics have historically had great teams of writers of and artists. The team up of Slott and Camuncoli stays on par with what has traditionally been a very well written title. Even though Spider-Man is an extremely saturated character Dan Slott continues to bring fresh new takes on him. This was issue was a great comic and I look forward to his continued adventures. I give Superior Spider-Man #4 an 9 out of 10. So good it will make your Spider sense tingle.

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