Review Superman #16 “Superman Trades Krypton for Earth”




Supergirl has unleashed H’el on earth. The Fortress of Solitude has been infiltrated and occupied by Supergirl and fellow a fellow Kryptonian survivor H’el. The Justice League must now lay siege to Superman once source of solace. A plan is revealed to save Krypton but to do so is to destroy the earth. Sides have been chose, lines drawn and two worlds hang in the balance. But which home shall Superman chose, the one he knows or the one he wished he knew?

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A lot happened in Superman issue 16. We got to see behind the curtain of Krypton like we have never seen before. We witnessed a time just before the destruction and observe the last stance against the apocalypse that would soon come. We perceived that for the first time Supergirl may be questioning how much H’el has told her. Scott Lobdell did a decent job penning this issue. It was not life changing or will ever going to a classic. It is however a nice way to spend an hour. This was a very consistent issue, transitioning the “H’el on earth” crossover into its final stage. I would love say Scott Lobdell’s writing was superior but I can’t, the whole issue was average. There was no glaring flaw that I could see but I wanted more.

I will admit that I highly enjoyed the art work in this issue. Kenneth Rocafort’s amalgam of modern drawings and anime is spectacular. Every page was perfection and every panel an achievement. What stands out the most is how disconnected H’el appears in this issue. I never noticed it in other issues of the “H’el on Earth” crossovers. Kenneth draws everyone and everything in clear detail, every line is sharp and with hard lines that separate people from the background. Everything in this issue has its place, except H’el. He is illustrated in a grey that seems to bleed into the page like a cancer that begins to infect all it touches. This idea is a triumph and is the only aspect of this issue that is special.


I really wanted this to be better. I wanted Lobdell’s Superman to as unparalleled as Scott Snyders Batman. Unfortunately it wasn’t, it was simply mediocre. Superman issue 16 would not be a waste of your money especially if you are reading the “H’el on earth” series. I hope the finally is better. I give Superman #16 a 7 out of 10. Superman more like Averageman.


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  1. OK OK OK OK….lets stop right there…lol j/p. If there is one thing that kind of bugged me about DC was the fact that they restarted the NEW 52!! BLAH! Oh well I am over it…been over it for a while….lol I mean i probably wouldn’t have gotten Scott Synder to come in. However, the new 52 is actually not that bad. I guess it allows people….unlike marvel…lol j/p to get into DC comics if you never had before because of the start over. Which I had problems with, but it actually pretty pretty good. I am not a big cross over person… in fact I hate buying cross overs. What is the point??? I dont understand it…maybe you can explain…

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