Review Superman Unchained #2 “A New Side of Superman”


Superman quickly flies to Dubai in an attempt to stop a rampaging cybernetic prototype that has been hijacked by the cyber-terrorist group Ascension from causing a building with thousands of innocents trapped to collapse. Soon afterward, he ventures off to the Batcave to meet with Batman about the Ascension as well as the piece of the satellite that was found. A hand-print found reveals a power level that is similar, yet greater than Superman. So he sets off to find the one person who seems to be at the center of this mystery, Lois Lane’s father.

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I’m not a hundred percent sure if it has never been done before, but Scott Snyder does a wonderful job really digging into how Superman feels and thinks whenever he sours into action. Mentally counting down how much time he has to save all of the innocents before the tall building in Dubai collapses is a fantastic passage. It shows Superman a new light, as someone who does not let his abilities get to his head. I think we take for granted that Superman is able to do the impossible, and here Snyder shows that there are times when even the great Man of Steel has doubts that he will be able to do what is expected of him. The antagonists could use a little work, although we’re two issues in and thus Snyder is probably just building them up. Otherwise, the writing is one of the strongest I’ve read from Superman in a good while.

supermanunchained02-pageThis issue makes better use of Jim Lee’s artwork, I feel, than the previous issue. And the previous issue looked pretty good. I think inkers Scott Williams and Dustin Nguyen do a much better job enhancing Lee’s lines. The colors by Alex Sinclair are far more vibrant and provide the depth and definition needed to really make the visuals stand out. As for Lee’s illustrations, they are dynamic and exciting. Just look at the sequence in Dubai. Some fantastic panels are on display, including one where Superman figures out how to prevent the innocents from getting killed. There is still the minor gripe of his facial expressions never really seeming the change, particularly the eyebrows, but it’s not terribly a problem.

Superman Unchained lives up the hype of being a great book given the talent involved. The hottest writer in DC Comics, Scott Snyder, provides a Superman who is unique and intriguing, showing him in a different light. The illustrations by Jim Lee are dynamic and thrilling, despite the occasional gripe with his facial expressions. All in all, Superman Unchained comes highly recommended and is one of the best Superman stories in a good while.

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