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The Oracle has spoken and the end is nigh. Superman has moments to stop H’el from reaching his ship before all is lost. There is no time to waste and no more moves to make. Holding nothing back in his most desperate hour Superman throws blow that can be felt from the all corners of the glob to furthest reaches its atmosphere. Here at the end of the world a Superman falls and a Supergirl make a choice.

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Another D.C Comics 52 crossover comes to a close and another epic disappointment ensues. The “H’el on earth” crossover was not be the best written comics series I have read. Every issue was rife with dismal dialogue and atrocious art. It appears that D.C’s mission statement has been if you’re going to write a good comic wait for the end. This was a good issue not a great one but a good one none the less. The problem I found reading this comic was that there was too much stuff going on. I didn’t understand how the Oracle fit in this issue. I understand observing important moments in history but the appearance of the Oracle felt a bit contrived. Forcing a character into a situation that it does not fit into really cause Scott Lobdell’s dialogue to drag. In the end the final conclusion was satisfying. H’el’s much warranted demise left this read hollering for joy, mostly because it was over.


The artwork in this issue was a great disappointment me. This may have been the most inconsistent art work I have seen for so time. On one page artist Kenneth Rocafort would grant the reader some of the most breath taking displays of beauty and talent, only to have you turn the page to unfinished panels. Rocafort shows signs of pure talent drawing beautifully defined and crisp characters and then a page later draws stick figures. The artwork in this issue has more peaks and valleys than the Rocky Mountains.

Overall this was not a strong finishes to a forgettable crossover. I really wish that that art work was more consistent and that the narrative was stronger. As I stated before compared to the other issues this one was clearly dominate. I give Superman #17 a 5 out of 10. Be glad H’el is over.
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