Review Thanos Rising #2 “Temptation”


Thanos is changing. Once he was a shy, bright boy who had friends and enjoyed life. But the horror of what happened in the caves has transformed him into an intelligent, brooding figure. He wants to know why he is different from everyone else, wanting to know what he really is. He has studied everything that there is to know about science and beyond what school can teach him. He has captured every possible specimen he could find in Titan to dissect. Except one. So begins the birth of a monster.

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Jason Aaron is creating a fascination examination of evil. How easily one can become corrupted and it is clear that when there is an inescapable desire to achieve something there is no going back. Yet I can understand some of the criticism the series is receiving for taking its time it getting to the really good stuff. Which is odd considering that this issue finds Thanos turn his emerging blood-lust from mammals to humanoids and his viciousness is written quite well. The problem, I imagine, is that Thanos by this point is seen as a mere serial killer and not the genocidal monster of galactic proportions that everyone knows him to be. I’m sure Aaron will get to that point, but the pace probably needs to pick up.

thanos02-pageSimone Bianchi’s artwork continues to be a stunning display of beauty in horror. I love the way the eyes are quite essential in enhancing the storytelling, as well as a big reason for why I like this book more than others do. My favorite is the way she draws the eyes of the girl playing devil’s advocate to Thanos, who I suspect is an embodiment of Death and why he ends up desiring her. There is something clearly not right about the girl just by looking into her eyes. And yet it is alluring, which I’m sure is a key factor in Thanos’ transformation into the monster that he becomes. Adding depth and definition to Bianchi’s illustrations are the wonderful colors by Ive Svorcina. I really like the approach he is taking where the light is slowly getting shrouded in darkness as one progresses from page to page.

Thanos Rising is a book that would almost certain read better when it is collected in full. The pacing two issues in leaves one aching to finally see Thanos complete his turn. And yet I can’t help but feel that Jason Aaron is doing an intriguing job of scripting this tale and Simone Bianchi plays an even greater role in drawing the book as magnificently as she has. This title is one I would like to recommend, though I agree that one might hold off until they can get their hands on the collection instead of picking up the individual issues.

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