Review The Green Team #1 “Buying the Future”


Prince Mohammed Qahtanii is taking the biggest risk he has ever undertaken. If he can score a deal his father couldn’t, then he’s set for life. Otherwise, his whole future will crumble before it even begins. Without his father knowing, he sets out to find Commodore Murphy, one of the richest kids in the world. But what he doesn’t know is that Commodore is working on an even bigger risk of his own. One that will change the world or find him on a free fall.

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I think what Art Baltazar and Franco have come up with is intriguing. A collection of richer than rich young adults pooling their resources together to advance technology beyond what we believe them to be capable. Throw in the twist of trying to build a super hero team and it just might be a fascinating concept with loads of potential. But the first issue leaves me wondering what the heck is going on. There are so many questions with so little answers and the second-half of the book only adds to the confusion. The pace is also a problem. The book starts off slow and then all of a sudden it moves at lightning speed that I’m not even sure how point A got to point D.

green01-pageIt’s fortunate that Ig Guara is illustrating the book because he makes everything look good. The personalities of the characters are so richly defined by the way they look that I honestly don’t need to read their dialogue to know exactly who they are and how they will act. I even have a pretty good idea of what their voice might be light. The facial expressions are done very well and J.P. Mayer does a fine job making sure the inks enhance the drawings. The coloring by Wil Quintana is also good, making sure there are a fair amount of lighting and shading only when necessary. In many ways, the art is the saving grace to the book for me because I think I understand the story far better through it.

The Green Team is a bit of a mixed bag for me. There is a great deal of potential from the story Art Baltazar and Franco have developed. My problem is pacing and too many questions being left unanswered. At least Ig Guara is around to illustrate such fine visuals, actually doing a lot more in telling the story than the words. I’m not necessarily sure if I can recommend The Green Team. Maybe after a few more issues I’ll have a better idea, but the first issue by itself may not be enough to garner the interest needed to spark the interest of readers.

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