Review The Savage Hawkman #16 “So close but not There Yet”




Katar Hol has been taken captive by the Emperor Corsar. Believing that the Katar had betrayed their people and stolen the nth metal Corsar begins to torture what he seeks out Katar. But there are darker forces at work, a deep malevolence that trips the line of omnificent danger. The old gods of planet Thanagar are working in the shadows. Soon Katar’s fate shell be decided and with little allies to aid him he may just lose more that the nth metal.

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The Savage Hawkman issue 16 has been my hardest review to date. This comic is so close to being good but has not yet reached that point. The scripting of this comic was very inconsistent. On one page the dialogue is strong and to the point, showing the strength of Katar’s character and the depths of Emperor Corsar’s insanity. Then you turn the page to read line after line of garbage. Throw away dialogue that is rife with over explanations and ostentatious verbiage. Yet in the brief moments of literary clarity, scripter Frank Tieri displayed a strong sense of characterization. It seems as if this issue is all down-hill in the most negative ways. Like a snow ball gathering speed and size as it rolls, this comic book gathers more and more vexing dialogue. I’m slightly befuddled on why the writing is so inconsistent.

Even more befuddling is why D.C Comics allows second-rate artists to illustrate their comic books. This issue like many others has artistic promise and like many others lacks integrity. It takes time and effort to illustrate a good comic. More often than not it seems that many artists rely too much on their inker and colorist. Hawkman is no different; both inkers do a wonderful job concealing the poor effort by the peniclers. Nothing stands out artistically.


Katar Hol is one of D.C Comics most inconsistent characters in D.C Comics line up, but this fact does not give license to slack in all departments of comic book construction. I love the idea of a Hawkman reboot. Being a character that has had major continuity disputes deserves a shot to solidify his lore, but not like this. Hawkman deserves better and I wanted it to be better. This is way it was so hard for me to write this review. I enjoyed the good moments, there just were not enough of them. The Savage Hawkman receives 5 out of 10. Just not there yet.


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