Review The Star Wars #1 “A New Beginning”


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… the Jedi-Bendu were once the most feared warriors in the universe. But now they are all but extinct. One by one, they are being hunted down by the New Empire and their warrior sect known as the Knights of Sith. The Aquilaean system stands as the lost of the independent systems. Should it fall, the Empire will truly rule the galaxy with an iron fist. A fate General Luke Skywalker, one of the last of the Jedi, will not stand for.
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Many stories have been told of the original rough draft George Lucas wrote of Star Wars. How it differs quite a lot from what was ultimately presented with touches of the familiar present. In one of the last acts before the Star Wars comic book license is absorbed into Disney, and presumably back to Marvel where it first started, Dark Horse launches an adaptation of that original draft with JW Rinzler tasked to script it. It’s quite interesting to see a realization of this draft and how it plays everything out. The first issue is sure to draw intrigue, though I think it is very much up to the reader to decide if this is something they might venture reading further or not. Me, I’m willing to give it a go.
thestarwars01-pageIllustrating the book is Mike Mayhew. He does a very fine job drawing in a way that evokes the style of Drew Struzan, who is responsible for the classic Star Wars movie posters. There’s a sense of realism and a touch of the fantastic. Some of the character seem a little stiff here and there, but they otherwise move rather nicely. The colors by Rain Beredo really help to enhance the look of the book, really tapping into the way Drew Struzan brings his work to life. The depth and definition is rather extraordinary at times, which really helps add to the appeal of the project. Quite frankly, the art is what could be the key to the book earning some positive praise.

The Star Wars is a hard book to judge. Not to mention how much harder it is to determine whether or not this is a book to be recommended. JW Rinzler adapts a very interesting original draft George Lucas wrote, which, if read with an open mind, allows for an intriguing venture for readers. The artwork by Mike Mayhew and Rain Beredo is rather magnificent, and is easily the best thing so far. I’m personally swayed to keep going with this book, but I leave it up to curious readers to see if they’ll join me.

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