Review Thor: God of Thunder #5 “Concluding A Masterpiece”



In the past, the God Butcher known as Gorr continues to torture Thor. He feels ever close to making the God of Thunder reveal the location of Asgard when the men who worship Thor arrive for a timely rescue. And so begins the evolution of Gorr’s plans to reshape existence. In the present, Thor is too late to stop Gorr from unlocking the secrets of the Palace of Infinity. But Thor’s actions that point forward will have an impact on him in the future.

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I’m still ever fascinated that Jason Aaron could write a certain style with Wolverine and the X-Men that can go from appealing to just plain bizarre in the blink of an eye. But with Thor: God of Thunder, he is crafting one of the most astonishing stories ever presented in the comic book medium. Chills run up my spine as I read the confidence to Gorr, leaving me with little doubt that he is going to achieve his objective. A lot can go wrong jumping back and forth between time-lines. Aaron manages to carefully write each scene just right so that they work together in sync.


The real star of the book is Esad Ribic. His illustrations are superb and vibrant. Each panel breathes with life, something very few comic books can do. There is a purpose to each line, to the way the characters move, their facial expressions. It all comes together to do more than just enhance the story. It elevates it to being art in its purest form. And then there’s the coloring by Ive Svorcina, which takes it to another stratosphere. It’s essentially turning simple drawings into being worthy of display in museums. To look at the artwork on display in this book is to view masterpiece after masterpiece.

Thor: God of Thunder is one of the hallmarks of the Marvel NOW! initiative. Bringing in a new creative team to take a fresh approach on established characters. Jason Aaron develops an incredible story rich in thrills and excitement. The artwork by Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina is in a league of its own, setting a new standard for great illustrations to be seen in a comic book. Thor: God of Thunder is a book so easy to recommend that even those who are not comic book readers will enjoy the title.

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