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Review Uncanny Avengers #10 “The Horsemen Cometh”


The unity squad of the Avengers as been broken apart. Wolverine, Thor, Rogue, and Sunfire going off to search for the Apocalypse Twins in one direction while Havok, Captain America, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and Wonder Man head off in another. Making them ripe for the picking as the Four Horsemen are unleashed. More powerful than ever, they are the reborn souls of old comrades of both Avengers and X-Men forces. And there is little either separated Avengers force can do to stop them.

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The one thing about Rick Remender that makes him ideal for writing Uncanny Avengers is his ability to raise the stakes and make the threats all the more terrifying to face. What better way to really stick it to the divided team than to attack them with physiological warfare at its worse with Horsemen versions of Sentry to overpower them in strength, Grim Reaper to damage Wonder Man’s psyche, Banshee to discredit the mutant hope, and Daken to destroy Wolverine’s soul. Remender doesn’t stop there as he has the Avengers team still expressing doubt at their being able to work together. While this kind of drama can at times feel a bit too much, Remender is one of the few writers I can think of who can make it work with purpose. It makes me all the more excited for what he comes up with in the next few issues.

ua10-pageThis is probably the best issue we’ve seen display the artistic abilities of Daniel Acuna and why I’d rather have him remain regular illustrator than hand it back over to John Cassaday. Acuna’s style really lends itself in visualizing the Four Horsemen, enhancing the dark atmosphere of their characters and leaving only small traces of their former selves behind. How he colors everything is also quite astonishing, showing little hints of light against the shadows to make readers believe their is a glimmer of hope before striking them down with darkness. There is a great scene where Sentry separates Thor from the others and how it is drawn really shows how dangerous of a foe he is now that he is a Horseman. Some of the finest action scenes take place in this book and it really makes for an excellent read.

Uncanny Avengers has grown to be the flagship title Marvel wanted it to be when the Marvel NOW! initiative started back in October. With this issue, Rick Remender ups the ante and really hits the heroes hard both physically and psychologically. This is realized with wonderful artwork from Daniel Acuna, who I feel should be permanent regular artist on the book from this point forward. Just how grim the tale is getting might turn some readers off, but Remender and Acuna make it all the more thrilling to read. It comes highly recommended.

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