Review Uncanny Avengers #4 “Fighting An Uphill Battle”



Chaos and destruction continues to reign down upon Manhattan as the Red Skull and his S-Men march toward complete dominance. Powered with the brain of Charles Xavier, he has incited violent anti-mutant hysteria among the masses and has managed to turn one of the Avengers against the others. The time has come for Havok to prove his worth and become the leader Captain America believes him to be. But if he manages to somehow succeed, will it all be for naught?

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One of the things I really like about how Rick Remender writes Uncanny Avengers is showcasing the team’s determination to persevere against the seemingly impossible. There is an old saying that heroes are only as good as the villains they face and Remender clearly understands this. A good chuck of the issue sees Red Skull attempting to sway Captain America into his line of thinking by attacking his patriotism as being foolish and misplaced. Remender’s writing of Red Skull here is so good that it makes readers just really want to punch him and punch him hard. At the same time, he also develops a great way for this team of Avengers to come together and fight back with more than what they are physically, mentally, and emotionally capable.


My concern with the book has been John Cassaday and his artwork. There are some great illustrations on display here, one of my favorites being an homage to Days of Future Past during Red Skull’s monologue. At the same time, though, I can’t help but feel that there are drawings that don’t look all that good. There are a number of faces that appear rushed, which only frustrates the situation of his being the reason the book has been delayed time and again. There is no doubt that Cassaday is a good artist, and Uncanny Avengers does look spectacular. But I’ll be glad he’ll no longer be the regular illustrator if he is going to take too much time only to draw pages that don’t look like they justify the wait.

Overall, Uncanny Avengers is a great book. Remender writes a compelling story that is fantastic and dramatic with a villain who can really test the heroes beyond their limits. Cassaday is a great illustrator and it shows in this book, but there are panels where his delay is not acceptable. Despite some flaws, the book is a great read and is recommended to readers to pick-up. The good outweigh the bad and there are so many good moments that take place in this book. In particular the last three pages that hint at the direction Remender will be going as the series progresses.

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