Review Uncanny Avengers #8 “Dirty Little Secret”


Thor tries to stop what remains of the Peak Space Station from crushing Rio De Janeiro, receiving a little help from new teammate Sunfire. The two then venture to the Starcore Station to confront the Apocalypse Twins. What they end up finding is a ship filled with dead bodies and the station immediately goes into warp. Captain America’s escape pod has veered off course and finds himself in hostile territory in South Sudan. Almost as if someone wanted this to be the case. The remaining Uncanny Avengers head off to the North Pole, unaware that their actions have been predetermined to tear them apart.

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The more I read Uncanny Avengers, the more I’m fascinated by the way Rick Remender develops the story of super powered humans and mutants trying to work together when society around them is tearing itself to pieces. This issue in particular really drives into the doubt that plagues the team in their struggle efforts to stand as a united front when all odds are clearly against them. It also slowly makes clear why certain people where chosen to be part of the team and how they add to the tension that is mounting. This issue also connects with Remender’s glorious run on Uncanny X-Force and how Wolverine’s dark secret is creating consequences to the the world at large. It’s no wonder this book was pegged to be the flagship title of the Marvel NOW! initiative, the story is rich with suspense and excitement.

ua08-pageDaniel Acuna continues to deliver illustrations that are great to look at and once again shame John Cassaday into taking so long to deliver on the first five issues. As rough as the drawings may seem, they’re actually quite clean and easy on the eyes. The fluidity of the characters as they move is thrilling and the coloring, which Acuna received assistance from Santi Arcas. is quite top notch. One feels as though they are watching a movie unfold before their eyes as opposed to reading a mere action comic book. I never really felt this way from John Cassaday and that is probably why I am all in favor of Acuna sticking around as regular artist on the book for however long it may last.

Uncanny Avengers is starting to reach the form it should have been at from day one. Rick Remender is writing some of the most exciting action and drama seen in any of the Avengers books while Daniel Acuna is providing some fantastic visuals to push everything even further than possible. While I personally still believe All New X-Men is the best Marvel NOW! book, Uncanny Avengers is certainly just as good on so many levels. So it should be no surprise that I highly recommend readers pick it up.

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