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High School bully turned war hero Flash Thompson lost his legs serving his country in the war. Offering him a way out, the U.S government gave him the Venom symbiote and a job. Uprooting to the city of brotherly love Philadelphia, Flash strives to make a difference. Cleaning up the streets may be enough for Flash but it is not enough for the symbiote. Wearing down Flash a little more everyday Venom pushes himself further and further to the surface. With an old enemy and an old Venom ally stalking them, how long until Flash finds that Venom serves no one?

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Venom is a character I have loved from the moment I first saw him on the Spider-Man animated series. He is arguably one of the most beloved villains of all time. With that being said when I heard a few years back that Marvel was rebranding him as a hero and Flash Thompson was the new Venom I had my doubts. Needless to say I was wrong. Venom issue 31 is without question one of marvels strongest issues this year. Everything in this comic was flawless. I believe that the scripting of Venom has never been stronger. Writer Cullen Bunn’s humor is only superseded by his imagination. For the first time Venom is grounded with a likeable host that people can relate and sympathize with. Every line written in this issue was purposeful and propelled the story into the stratosphere. Bunn achieved a near perfect balance between Flash Thompson’s charm and Venom’s desire to eat people. Cullen Bunn could not have written a better issue.


One the most difficult thing to do is find a suitable counterpart to a great writer. Artist Declan Shalvey and writer Cullen Bunn achieved a perfect harmony while creating this issue. The aesthetic of this issue has a big screen feel to it, illustrating flash back sequences with an artistic filter that propels the reader to a new place and time. I’m not a big fan of the new Venom costume but it plays a magnificent contrast for when the symbiote forces his way through. Shalvey draws an amazing Venom. The disturbing and alarming arise of the symbiote at moments of intensity were an astounding addition to an already complex character.

I could not praise this issue more. Everything flowed in perfect synchronization. Illustrations add to the narratives and told the underlined story.  There was subtext behind the artistic design that was truly masterful. I give Venom #31 9.5 out of 10. Venom has never been so solid.


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4 thoughts on “Review Venom #31 (Flash Does Philly)

  1. Ha Flash does Philly thats funny. I was wondering if this was a good comic. Ill have to add it to my weekly pull. I love eddie brock he is my all time favorit. so until I read this issue Ill keep leave is there.

  2. I normally do not relate or like the villains or bad guys as I want them to fail and mankind to be safe again… but your right there is some charm to Venom. Even as a kid he never really scared me and enjoyed seeing episodes with him in the animated series. I think that’s genius for Marvel to capitalize on that and mix him with Flash. As the host was never the important part/character for me. But now being able to respect both host Flash as a good guy battling the symbiote within of the ever clever Venom… Sounds like a good read, makes me want to pick this one up and give it a try!
    Another solid review!

  3. thank you so much for reading my review. Eddie Brock the original Venom was a brute and therefor made a great villain. What I like about Flash is that there is a bully inside of him but he has been humbled by life and trying to walk the straight and narrow. The internal conflict really adds to the Character.

  4. I was really skeptical in regards to this comic. Venom is one of my favorite beloved characters in the Marvel universe. I have to say that Flash being venom I don’t know. However, I have to say that it sounds like a great read and something worth giving a try. I have to say thank you for reviewing this because this comic is something that I feel is worth getting into. Thanks!

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