Review Venom #35 “Pacific Rim”


For days Flash Thompson has been hunting a science experiment gone wrong. The cyborg man eater that has been terrorizing the city in its desire for human flesh has been on the loose for days. What Flash was unaware of was that he himself is the pray in a family feud that none could have expected. When Eddie Brock shows up at his day job as a high school gym teacher looking for blood he is followed by gang of foes. With enemies on all sides Flash must do something he has vowed never to do . . . unleash Venom.

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Flash has always been pretty good about utilizing Venom as a weapon without giving in to its homicidal desires. In this issue we get an opportunity to see him release control and let Venom do what he does best. This was the most polished issue I have read thus far. The visuals that Declan Shalvey produces are stunning. The moment when you see Venoms true form come forth I guarantee chills will rise for the true Venom fans. The story was fantastic playing to the twisted honor that Eddie Brock is known for. This issue was nonstop from start to finish and Cullen Bunn show’s that he is can write a complex action driven comic that does not skimp on meaningful dialogue. Every word on every page is purposeful and adds to an already stellar arc. prv_venom35-3-290x290

This is one of my favorite comics from Marvel Cullen Bunn and Declan Shalvey just gets it. They are master comic craftsmen that nail it every time out. They not only understand the characters and history of the comic’s but can mold them into something new yet familiar. This issue was another example of perfection I give Venom #35 a 10 of 10.

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