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Review Wild Blue Yonder #2 “Free Falling”


Tug is the newest member of the Dawn crew. His position is that to be a gun for pilot Cola. The job of the gun, as it turns out, is not so much to fire a weapon. What he is really doing is free-falling in the air and creating chaos along the way. Since Cola’s priorities are to the Dawn, its crew, and her plane, it’s up to Tug to get the timing down for him to be able to survive every trip out. Let the training begin!

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Mike Raicht continues to write a wonderful story that appeals to the good old days of when fighter planes were the most exciting form of combat around. Along with Zach Howard and Austin Harrison, Raicht is also developing a compelling tale that hits a lot of strong points at just the right time provide quite the impact. Take how he moves along from one scene to the next. We open with Cola and her mother having a discussion about just how close to Tug Cola should be before jumping over to Tug meeting Cola’s father and then the darkness of the threat that is after them. The pacing works just wonderfully for this book, further making it into a fantastic read.

wby02-pageZach Howard’s illustrations really help enhance the story. It has to be good in order for the believability to be sold. And these are some of the most incredible artwork I’ve seen all year. There is a great deal of beauty despite all the dirt and grime about on nearly every person. Then there is the masterful coloring by Nelson Daniel. Just the correct use of shading and light to add to the atmosphere and the mood of the scene. Be it how dark and rather desolate it is with the villains to the bright, sunshine aboard the Dawn. It really adds to the storytelling in a positive manner. This is indeed one of the best looking comic books you will find any where and can pretty much be the sole reason to pick up this book.

Wild Blue Yonder is a fantastic love letter to the breathtaking aerial combat stories of old and is arguably one of the best comic book stories so far this year. Mike Raicht and Zach Howard, along with Austin Harrison, present a beautiful story told with just the most majestic artwork. This book comes highly recommended.

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