Review Wolverine and the X-Men #29 “Is This The End?”


Wolverine ventures to Dog’s cabin only to find it unoccupied. There is, however, a seemingly impenetrable lock box that he desperately wants opened. In the meantime, Wolverine calls forth everyone at the school and gives a heartfelt speech about just how important the school has been to him and he hopes will be to all of the students. To honor the occasion, he asks the students to fill a time capsule with valuable items to preserve the memory of this moment in time. Twenty-five years later, an older Wolverine unearths the time capsule and memories of so many horrors flood through his mind.

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It was not long ago that I seriously thought about dropping Wolverine and the X-Men because Jason Aaron wrote the Murder Circus story arc, which is one of the biggest messes I’ve read since the start of the Marvel NOW! initiative. He apparently figured this out because the next story arc featuring Dog and the Savage Land was leagues better. Now I’m back on the fence about my interest in the book. That’s nothing against this issue. It’s very well written and, in a way, beautiful in turning Wolverine into a much better man than ever before. The thing is that it feels more like the conclusion to the story as a whole. The more I think about it, the more I honestly don’t want to read the book any further because I’m sure the stories to come will only ruin the magical moment that has happened here.

watx29-pageRamon Perez continues to delight with the artwork. It’s stylized, yet fun to look at. The real pleasure is seeing the way he envisions the future. It’s a delightful mix of old and new. Some things look the same, yet it feels so different. We get a hint at what might become of the relationship between Iceman and Shadowcat as well as which of the younger students seems to end up with a fairly good future. The characters have fluidity to their movements, and there are some pretty facial expressions that convey what emotions they are feeling. The coloring by Laura Martin is also quite nice. Overall, the artwork is pretty good and works well with the story being told.

This is a very good issue of Wolverine and the X-Men. Jason Aaron wrote a very touching tale that is heartfelt and the artwork from Ramon Perez works quite well with the story. The problem is that it feels more like the conclusion and that future stories will ruin the magic being presented here. I still recommend this issue for fans to check out, but I just don’t think I can rank it as high as it probably should have been.

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