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Review Zero #1 “Complete the Mission”


It’s 2018 in Beit Hanoun on the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian terrorist has stolen a piece of tech from the Agency and implanted it in his chest. When four of their MD-2 operatives have been wiped out rather easily by this biomodified terrorist, Israel sends their own biomodified soldier to strike back and take the tech. The Agency cannot allow their tech to fall into the hands Israeli hands. So Edward Zero is sent in to do what appears to be the impossible. Retrieve the tech at all costs.
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I’ll just say right off the bat that I’m only giving this title a cautious recommendation. In large part because there are moments where I’m wondering if there really is a point to what Ales Kot appears to have carefully crafted in this spy thriller. The action is fantastic and the pacing at times works wonderfully. But then there is a moment where and there that make me raise my eyebrow with concern. The rather unexpected sex scene, for one. It kind of threw things for a loop for me, in a way that has me about as perplexed as can be. I’m sure there’s a reason behind it, but for now, I find it as a distraction. One that nearly took away from the momentum of the story, for that matter.
zero01-pageIt is my understanding that each issue will feature a different artist. For the opening issue, Michael Walsh jumps in with a very kinetic pace, like something out of a Frank Miller evolution drawing. The characters definitely show a lot of fluidity in their movements, specifically the two that appear to be engaged in a never-ending fight. While there is some noticeable stiffness, and not just from the dead bodies, there’s no question that there’s life in their eyes. Sometimes the action may seem a little too much, but then Walsh is able to switch another panel that pulls things back, allowing for readers to get a quick breather before jumping back into the fray.

Is Zero a good comic? Yes. Is it worth reading? I’m not sure. This is a spy thriller, but not of the conventional type. It may take some time to really swallow what Ales Kot is feeding us. Fortunately there is some fine artwork by Michael Walsh on display, but it’s only for this issue. As I said before, I’m giving Zero a cautious recommendation. Perhaps the next issue will improve.

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