TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition Review



-Authentic Japanese-Style Joystick & Buttons

-8-Button Layout with Multi-Speed Turbo Functionality

-Premium-Quality Components with Genuine Namco Noir Layout

-Controller Lock/Unlock Switch

-3-Way Joystick Switch

-Translucent Side Casing

-Heavy Metal Base with Foam Padding

-13 FT USB Cable with Internal Storage

-Connects to the Console via Lag-free USB


Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Mad Catz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2) arcade fightstick Tournament Edition S+. I have had my fair share of fightsticks and I would say that Mad Catz continues to improve and amaze me with the quality of the fightsticks they produce.


Right off the bat I noticed the sleek design and small size of the fightstick. It has a translucent side casing, which allows the player to have peek inside and gives the fightstick a cooler look. Flipping over the fightstick I quickly noticed the metal base with padding. I am a player that likes to have the fightstick on my lap instead of on a table or the floor, the padding allows for more comfort while the metal gives you the secure feeling that it won’t slide off your lap.



As with all MadCatz sticks it gives you the option to have the control stick assigned as Left-Analog Stick , Direction-Pad, or Right-Analog Stick. MadCatz also gives you the ability of locking your stick when done using it. MadCatz gives you the option of choosing to have two different Turbo speeds on each individual punch and kick. The START and SELECT buttons are located on the back of the stick to keep out of reach so accidental pauses are less likely to happen. The storage compartment for the 13’ long USB cable is also on the back of the fightstick. One problem I had was the lack of space provided in the storage compartment, it seemed like you had to shove the cord into it and hope it would close.

stick butt


One thing that separates the TTT2 arcade fightstick tournament edition S+ from other MadCatz fightsticks, is the amount of space between the control stick and the 8-Button layout. On other fightstick there is enough room to fit two fingers in-between, while on the TTT2 fightstick there is enough room to fit three fingers in-between. This comes in handy when you get really into a match and you go a little too crazy with your shoryuken motion you won’t accidently bump your other hand. Another thing that is nice about the TTT2 Tournament edition fightstick is how the buttons are laid out; the buttons are at more of a curve than other fightsticks which gives it a more comfortable feel and give your hand a more comfortable fit.



I enjoyed every match I played with the TTT2 Tournament edition fightstick I can’t complain about the performance and reliability that this stick gave. Even when battling the online lag, when I pressed a button the stick preformed as it should have. Overall this was possibly the best stick I have used thus far and I am looking forward to what MadCatz will amaze me with in the future. I give this stick 9.5 out of 10.

You can get your own TEKKEN  TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S+ and get ready for the next battle for $159.99 by going to http://store.gameshark.com/dynamicIndex.asp today!