Richie Branson Releases Otaku Tuesdays Vol. II Album

There are hip-hop gamer fans out there other than me…right? Richie Branson, self-proclaimed “Otaku King,” has released his second free album in the Otaku Tuesdays series, which can be found here. Recently, Branson produced music for Adult Swim and had also toured across 33 cities. His album, The N.E.R.D. EP, debuted earlier this year and included songs centered around the resurrection of Toonami. One song on his new mixtape is seen in the video above, which is about the new Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Here is the tracklist for Otaku Tuesdays Vol. II.

1. Otaku King II 

2. Toguro Dreams (Yu Yu Hakusho)

3. Seig Zion (Gundam Unicorn)

4. Blue Devil (Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist) 

5. Crystal Lake (Jason Voorhees)

6. If Books Could Kill (Death Note)

7. Iron Fist (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)