Riot Games Announces the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship – $3,000,000 on the Line in Regional and World Finals


Riot Games today announced the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship. The final event of the hit online game’s second season of competitive play will conclude October 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, Calif. The prize pool for the World Championship and Regional Finals totals $3,000,000- the biggest payday in eSports history – and the most lucrative piece of the unprecedented $5,000,000 total prize pool for the entirety of Season 2.

Top League of Legends teams from around the world have been competing to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship in a series of Challenger Circuit events since Season 2 kicked off in November 2011. The next phase will be a series of regional championships to determine the twelve teams which will compete in the World Championship at the University of Southern California’s 250,000 square foot arena:

* Mainland China: July 26 – Shanghai, China at China Joy – 2 teams
* Europe: August 16 – Cologne, Germany at Gamescom – 3 teams
* North America: August 31 – Seattle, United States at PAX Prime – 3 teams
* Korea: September 21 – Seoul, Korea at the OGN eSports Stadium – 2 teams
* Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau: September 22 – Taipei, Taiwan at G1 – 1 team
* Southeast Asia: September – Singapore at Garena Carnival – 1 team

“We’ve already awarded more than $1,000,000 in prize money to the incredible competitors of League of Legends this season,” said Brandon Beck, co-founder and CEO of Riot Games. “It’s been humbling to watch the level of competition and the enthusiasm of the live audiences – it’s something you really have to see in person.”

“I can’t wait to see how many fans tune in online for the final matches of Season 2 – we’re halfway through the season and we’ve already seen more than two million live viewers for a single circuit event,” said Marc Merrill, co-founder and president of Riot Games. “Just to put that in context, that’s a bigger audience than a Major League Baseball game on ESPN – it’s incredible to think about.”

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena where teams of players compete for dominance, selecting from a growing cast of over 90 uniquely powerful champions.