Rise of Prussia Gold now available!


Matrix Games and AGEOD are extremely ecstatic to officially announce their new grand strategy game Rise of Prussia Gold! 

The new addition will also include 2 years’ worth of updates, fixes, improvements! Not only that, but even some great new features 3 new scenarios to this strategy classic. This is not only just a game, but a precise historically based game that aims to recreate the “Seven Years War” which occurred between 1754 and 1763.

A little background info details that it involved most of the great powers of the time. Defined by Winston Churchill as the first real “world war” because it was the first war in history to be fought not just in Europe but in various places around the globe that marked European territory.

The two sides in the conflict were the Coalition of Austria, France, Russia, Poland, Sweden and the Alliance between Britain and Prussia, the new European power that obtained a dauntless war machine and above all, the almighty King Frederick II.

Rise of Prussia Gold is available as a full new game or as an upgrade kit for Rise of Prussia.