Risen 2 Review

The game starts out in the harbor city of Caldera. You wake up as the nameless hero from the first game,  and quickly find out that a ship is under attack by the Kraken. Commandant Carlos from the first game is there and tells you to go down to the beach to find any survivors. You run into Patty, who is being attacked by sand devils and rush to her aid. After saving her, you take her to Carlos and she tells him of a weapon that can be used to defeat the kraken, and that her father, Captain Steelbeard, knows where it is located. Patty agrees to take you only if you help her find the hidden treasure Steelbeard has on a secret island. Once you settle on an agreement, Carlos sends you with Patty to retrieve the weapon,  your adventure begins.


In the beginning of game you have no abilities or skills, which means you will have trouble fighting basic enemies, so you are taught how to block and attack, nothing less, and nothing more. This makes beginning fights not as fun and very frustrating. As you acquire “glory points” you can level up your stats and become better at fighting with Blades, Firearms, and Voodoo. Later in the game you can  even learn new skills such as parrying, power striking, and kicking. These make fights much more fun and enjoyable. Once you obtain a pistol you can incorporate that in to your duels, for example you can kick your opponent and then shoot him for maximum damage. You also have the choice of using a Musket as your main weapon which is very powerful, so you can do massive amounts of damage from afar then switch to your sword take them down up close. Finally you have the option of using Voodoo magic, which in my opinion was a letdown because instead of doing spells that cause damage, you do spells that cause fear or confusion, so instead of you battling you can make opponents fight each other or send ghosts out to scare them.

The graphics in Risen 2 have its ups and downs. By that I mean that sometimes the graphics are stunning, while at other times it’s hard to tell one thing from another. At some points in the game I found myself just looking out into the background because of how much detail had been put in to it. Other times I would be confused as to where I am or whether or not I had been in a certain place before.


Your actions and decisions will impact your character, positively or negatively, as the story becomes more developed. At some points of the game your character can intimidate, use his silver tongue (wit), or use voodoo to get his way depending on what you choose to make your character. Using intimidate usually ends with the NPC scared of you and not wanting to talk to you again, using your silver tongue allows you to persuade an NPC (usually more beneficial as you avoid having the NPC not want to see you, and can still use said NPC in the future) and sometimes you can even have the option of using voodoo to take over the mind of an NPC and controlling their body to get information that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.


All in all I enjoyed every minute I played of Risen 2. There is so much to do and many side quests to complete that made the game a more enjoyable experience. As far as other Piranha Bytes games go, this it their most in depth game. If you’re looking for a Pirate RPG with crude humor, action, and an in-depth story then I recommend you buy Risen 2 Dark Waters.