Rob Zombie’s new movie trailer release


Lords of Salem is the third film from Haunted Films, the first two being Paranormal Activity and Insidious. After directing the remake of Halloween and its sequel, Rob Zombie stated that he wanted to try something different and original. Also factoring into Zombie’s decision was that he was offered complete creative freedom for the project, something that he did not have for either of his Halloween pictures. Zombie had the idea for the movie before starting on the second Halloween movie. Rob Zombie said this of his upcoming movie;

It wasn’t really like I was working on it. I was like, ‘Oh, this would kind of be a cool idea. Like, Salem radio station, blah blah blah, music,’ and then I forgot I even wrote that down.

After movie producer Jason Blum came to Zombie asking for something “supernatural in nature”,  Zombie was reminded of the Salem idea. The trailer debuted at Rob Zombie’s concert on May 11, 2012, at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Homdel New Jersey. In an interview Zombie said that the film would be his cinematically biggest film and described it as “if Ken Russell directed The Shining“. Lords became the last film of veteran actor Richard Lynch who died in 2012, and due to Lynch worsening health and close to blindness Rob Zombie could not film his scenes properly and it was to his sadness forced to re-shoot the scenes with Andrew Prine.

Rob Zombie has confirmed a theatrical release, at least limited, sometime after Christmas 2012. You can see the first official teaser trailer below.