Roll a Perfect Game with Rocka Bowling 3D, Out Now on the App Store!

Best Cool Fun Games, the #1 mobile gaming company in Latin America, today announced the launch of Rocka Bowling 3D on the iTunes App Store. It made over a half a million downloads on Google Play.
Rocka Bowling 3D takes you back to a 50s-era bowling alley.Gamers are rewarded with a coin for each pin they knock down, which they can spend to pick up new bowling balls, pins, and more in the game’s pro shop. 3D animation and sound effects immerse players in the game. Here are the features it has.

Rocka Bowling 3D features:
•Precise Controls– Intuitive touch controls are easy to learn for gamers of any skill
•Realistic Physics – Players can perform straight, hook, and other skill-shots as they rack up strikes and spares
•3D Visuals– Smooth animation and gameplay creates an immersive bowling experience
•Local Multiplayer – Bowl with up to 6 players in local multiplayer, all on a single device
•Upgradeable Items – Score points to win coins and purchase new pins, balls, and more
•Original Music – Bowl in style with original 50s Rock n’ Roll music