Ronde Barber to Retire


Ronde Barber has stated that he is retiring from the NFL. Barber was able to play for 16 seasons. During his tenure he was a number one corner. Barber had a twin brother play in the league that many will remember, Tiki Barber. Both brothers will now be retired. Ronde Barber only played in one game his rookie season, he however did not miss any games after that.

Some of Ronde Barbers stats are 28 sacks, 47 interceptions, 13 forced fumbles, and 8 touchdowns. Those are some pretty important numbers at key stats. During his last year Barber made a move to free safety. During the off season the Buc’s acquired Dashon Goldson and Darrelle Revis, this made Barber expendable. Barber however does have a Superbowl ring, and should one day be considered for the hall of fame.