Round 4: Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat’s “battle of the week” Brings Chinese strategist and African warlord together


Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Battle of the Week Part 4: Sun Tzu vs Shaka

We inch ever closer to the impending launch of Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat, the retail compilation of Deadliest Warrior: The Game and Deadliest Warrior: Legends, a franchise with more than 700,000 copies sold. It’s week four of 345 Games’ ongoing “Battle of the Week” for Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat, and probably the most distinct of them all. Let’s find out who would win, legendary Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, or the impressive Zulu leader, Shaka.

Who will you put your money on? Will Shaka bring his Zulu fighting style to the battlefield in a lethal way, or will Sun Tzu take his more methodical approach to win in a fight? It’s up to you!

Sun Tzu – Sun Tzu is most famous for his seminal work on military strategy, The Art of War. More than any other fighter in Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat, Sun Tzu continues to influence the lives and philosophies of people across the world. This philosopher lived 500 years before the birth of Christ, but just because he’s old doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous. In Deadliest Warrior, he has been given a balanced and flowing fighting style with a danger you wouldn’t expect.

Shaka – Reigning across the planet from Sun Tzu and separated by over 2300 years, Shaka, of the Zulu nation, was an important figure in African history that united the Zulu kingdom and is known for his statesmanship and brutality. Considered a military genius, Shaka created a distinct ruling methodology different from traditional Eastern and Western methods. Shaka wasn’t just a ruler, on the battlefield he developed long throwing spears called “assegai” and short stabbing spears just as lethal. With his shield and spears, Shaka is a formidable threat against Sun Tzu.