Roxio Game Capture review

A couple of weeks ago Roxio Introduced their new Game Capture device and software a device that allows every day gamers like you and I to professionally record and edit our gameplay without the need of a camera and some complex and expensive video editing software. Roxio provides everything in a small easy to use box that you plug everything into and an even easier to use to editor. And did I mention it’s all for the cheap price of $99 bucks for the console version and $49 for the PC.

Set up:
First off out of the box you have the connection box very small, light perfect for carry around with you to a friend’s house. On to the actual set up again as I said before it’s pretty easy, straight forward as you can see in the video below.

Getting started:
I found this very simple after I got everything connected fire up my console, load game then launch the software, then I got the start window where I was given the choose if I wanted to capture gameplay or edit existing gameplay of course since this was my first run I hit capture. (see pic below)

After I hit Capture a second window popped up giving me the interface with an already live feed of the game I had running at this point I set my output settings started the game and hit the capture button located under the live feed (see video below)

Ok so after I had a few clips set I decided to go back and do some editing which again like everything else is very simple just a few clicks and a couple of pics added and my video is set of course there’s a ton more options that allow you to really get in there and produce a more professional looking video which takes some knowing and time all which can easily be achieved in this user friendly program. (checkout Roxio’s video below to really see what I’m talking about).

Wrap up:
If recording your game play your thing or if your thinking about getting into it this is your product it’s cheap, very user friendly, captures SD gameplay and it’s small and light enough to take it with you anywhere. It’s easily one of if not the best game capture product out there, a must buy for all serious gamers. In fact I loved this product so much that you’ll be seeing a lot of gameplay from our upcoming tournaments on this site using Roxio’s Game Capture.

For its excellence in price, simplicity and convenient size for travel, i give the Roxio Game Capture a 8 out of 10 only thing missing is actual HD recording.

Roxio Game Capture for consoles is available at Both versions will be offered at major North American online and retail in April.