Royal Rumble 2017 Results!

The amazing start to the Road To Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, happened last night and there is A LOT to talk about. Now, I’ll only be talking about my personal highlights and obviously this will be spoiler heavy.

First off with the Raw Women’s Championship, Charlotte vs Bayley. A majority of the 50,020 people were rooting for bayley because she’s the babyface of the Women’s Division. Charlotte being the big heel, she taunted Bayley and the crowd but, after many slaps from Charlotte, Bayley began to get angry and this is where the back and forth battle began. While countering one another they got tangled up and performed a double close line stunning them both. The match now going heavily in bayley’s favor, she plants Charlotte’s face into the mat causing Charlotte to bleed from her mouth. Soon after, Bayley tries to go to the top rope but jumps back down and moves Charlotte back with several kicks and a pin attempt. She has another go at the top rope, sets up perfectly, then delivers an elbow to Charlotte, paying tribute to the Macho Man. Bayley goes for the pin but Charlotte kicks out at two and a half. Charlotte, now in control, performs the “Figure 4” Submission, Bayley counters, then Charlotte counters, Charlotte then using the bottom rope for leverage but its then broken. Bayley counters a Moonsalt then, after some back and forth punches, Charlotte performs her signature “Natural Selection” on the apron and retains her championship.

Now for the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens. Instead of doing a play by play of the match I just wanted to take note of the things that were used during this no DQ match.
1 rope clench, 2 hoods of the Announcers table, Steel Steps, 2 Tables, 9 Steel Chairs, Brass Knuckles, 2 Announcers Table, 2 TV Box Monitors, and the Steel Post of the ring.

I wanted to list these because it was just so much fun to watch it all unfold. I will definitely watch this match again in the future. But for the ending, Braun Strowman interrupted Roman Reigns while he was charging a match finishing spear. Braun Strowman planting Roman against an announcers table and through a table, letting Kevin Owens pin Roman, and retain his title.

AJ Styles defending his World championship against John Cena, this was my favorite match of the night. Not only did each superstar use every move in their arsenal multiple times in one match but they even used moves from past Legends, along with some moves we haven’t seen all that much. We got to see Cena show off a little in this match, performing bull-charge close lines to AJ in which you see just how much muscle John has. For a solid 5 minutes, both AJ and Cena tries to submit one another being unsuccessful. But to seal the deal, John performs two AAs back to back on AJ, and getting the 3 count. John Cena now a 16 time World Champion.

Now for the Royal Rumble itself, it was one of the best I’ve seen. Braun Strowman was very very dominate in this match. He eliminated Big Show, Mark Henry, along with 5 other superstars before being eliminated by Baron Corbin. As soon as Brock Lesnar entered the match he went on to eliminate 3 superstars with ease. No one wanted to get up to face Lesnar until, at #28, Goldberg came in and speared Brock once then eliminating him with ease. Goldberg would soon be eliminated by the Undertaker. After that, Undertaker seemed to be the last big superstar left, dominating everyone who remained. Undertaker dominated until, at #30, Roman Reigns would make a surprise entrance into the ring; and I just wanted to note that when Roman Reigns walked out, all 50,020 people boo’d as loud as they could. It was quite funny to watch. Roman would go on to eliminate Undertaker, which caused even bigger boos, and after some of the lower tier superstars got eliminated it was Randy Orton and Roman Reigns left. Roman would go for a spear but interrupted but a surprise RKO by the Viper. Randy then close lined Roman out of the ring and became the winner of the 2017 Royal Rumble and now has a spot at Wrestlemania.