RPG Table Online: yes we mean RPG’s like Dungeons & Dragons


GameTable  Online Inc.  has launched RPG Table Online. What is RPG Table Online you ask? It is a website where you and your friends can, on your own time, play Table Top games like Dungeons & Dragons! You can even play with people from around the world! All you need is an account!

RPG Table online provides for free all the basic tools for the game masters to run the RPG online!  They give you a dice roller, a map & Dungeon creator, character& monster token system, initiative tacker, campaign notebook, character sheets and even an integrated voice chat! Additional tokens, tiles and backgrounds can be purchased as well to  make the RPG to your liking. RPG Table online is run on a free java based application so no Download is required. It is so easy to use that no prior knowledge has to really be known to get started!

Currently GameTable Online Inc has 29 tabletop games that players can play as well on http://www.gametableonline.com/.

To get started you can go to http://www.rpgtableonline.com!