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Rules for our events at Winter Gamefest

Here are our rules for our tournaments at this year’s Winter Gamefest game types and maps will all be determine on day of the event.


  1. All of the required Settings are listed below. If a Setting is not listed below, it should not be changed from its default state.
  2. Starting a Game/Map with the wrong Game Type Settings or wrong team may result in a forfeit of the Game/Map, the Game/Map being replayed, or a warning.

All Games

  • Spectating: Tournament official only
  • Allow Killcam: Enabled
  • Radar Always On: No
  • Respawn Delay: None
  • Wave Spawn Delay: None
  • Force Respawn: Enabled
  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Perks and Proficiencies: Enabled
  • Hardcore Mode: Disabled
  • 3rd Person: Disabled
  • Headshots Only: Disabled
  • Killstreaks: Disabled
  • Custom Classes: Enabled


  1. Primary and Secondary Grenades are allowed.
  2. Secondary Weapons are allowed.
  3. Proficiencies are allowed except for those banned below.
  4. Banned:
    • Riot Shield
    • Any Launcher
    • Bouncing Betty
    • Claymore
    • C4
    • All Shotguns
    • Scrambler (Tactical)
    • EMP Grenade (Tactical)
    • Smoke Grenade (Tactical)
    • Trophy System (Tactical)
    • Tactical Insertion (Tactical)
    • Portable Radar (Tactical)
    • Recon (Perk 1)
    • Overkill (Perk 2)
    • Blastshield (Perk 2)
    • Attachments (Proficiency)
    • Grenade Launcher (Attachment)
    • Heartbeat Sensor (Attachment)
    • Akimbo (Attachment)
    • Rapid Fire (Attachment)
    • Shotgun (Attachment)
  5. Players must set their Death Streak to Hollow Point or Juiced. Using any other Death Streak will result in a forfeit.
  6. Breaking of rules 1-5 will result in a forfeit of the game/map.

1. All Settings listed below and next to the game types are those that are not default for the specific game type (Team Slayer, CTF Pro, Team Ball, or Team King).
2. Death Bonus and Kill Penalty are off for all games.
3. Radar is off with the exception of Battle Creek CTF Pro.
4. Respawn Time is 10 Seconds with the exception of Team Slayer (5 Seconds).
5. Suicide penalty is 10 seconds for all games.
6. Equipment is Generic.
8. Team King and Team Ball games are 5 Minutes to Win with the exception of Team Ball Damnation Reverse Tag (10 Minutes).
9. CTF Pro games are 3 captures to win with the exception of both variations of Wizard CTF Pro (5 Captures).

Team Slayer
Hang ‘Em High
Chill Out
Battle Creek
Rat Race
Boarding Action-Sniping Weapon Set
Wizard-Kill in Order-Nav Points

Wizard-Pistols Weapon Set
Rat Race
Hang ‘Em High
Battle Creek

Tournament Rules

Team Deathmatch
Respawns Allocated – 15
Rounds to Win – 2
Number of Bots – 0
Bleed-Out Time – 15
Friendly Fire – On
Weapon Respawn – After Use
Map Selection – Admin Chooses

Maps List
Team Deathmatch – Checkout
Team Deathmatch – Drydock
Team Deathmatch – Gridlock
Team Deathmatch – Hotel
Team Deathmatch – Mercy
Team Deathmatch – Old Town
Team Deathmatch – Thrashball
Team Deathmatch – Trenches

Anyone who has played this game knows this game is full of glitches and ways to cheat. None of that will be tolerated in our tournament. These glitches or cheats include: The Lighting Run {Roadie running and shooting at the same time}, Flying Chainsaw {jumping over barriers with your chainsaw revved}, Magnetic slide {sliding over a weapon and picking it up at the same time}, Invisible man, Leaving the designated playing area, or any other acts we deem cheating or glitching. Observers will be watching the matches to check for anything.

The penalty for any of these acts is as follows. First offense, offending team will forfeit the round { the other team will be allowed to kill any surviving members of the offending team}. Second offense, offending team will forfeit the match {the match will end automatically} Third offense, offending team will be eliminated from the tournament all together.

Trash talking will be allowed, but we ask that you do it in a friendly manner.