SAGA Online – Manage, Trade, Fight

The free-to-play real-time strategy game SAGA Online from Silverlode Interactive is set in a continuous online world with a traditional fantasy setting populated by characters such as elves, orcs, dragons, dwarfs, and giants. Players get to create their own realms and do battle or trade with one another. Two main aspects dominate gameplay in SAGA Online.

The first is the management of one or several nations. When managing nations, players can examine the situation of their people, determine activities for peasants and workers, and trade resources, troops, and spells at the market. Players of SAGA Online also get to organize in guilds in order to support each other and take part in guild wars that yield many new resources for the victors.

The second great aspect of SAGA Online is found on the battlefield. Here, players send their units to take part in massive online combat, as seen in LAN games or the online battles of most RTS games.

Every SAGA Online user can create up to five nations with his or her account. However, collector’s cards, which hold troops or spells, are assigned to the player’s nations individually. Thus, a card assigned to nation A is not available for any of the player’s other nations. This means commanders have to disband an active army before they can use this particular card for any of their other nations. As the game progresses, troops gain experience. Battles make them stronger, improve their skills and lead to new armor and weapons. Players can purchase booster packs in order to add to their forces. These packs remain the user’s property, but can be exchanged with other SAGA Online players for troops or resources. Moreover, armies can be adjusted to suit a particular nation type, which is determined individually at the start of the game. Players choose from among various available troops and spells compatible with their nations to find the ideal combination.

For more information on SAGA Online, or to sign up for the current Open Beta, please visit the official website