San Diego Chargers Biggest Needs to be in the playoff’s again.


The 2012-2013 season was one of the worst in recent memory for the San Diego Chargers. Fans were disgusted by the performance of the team. There were crucial points in the season like the time they allowed the Denver Broncos to come back from a 24 point deficit. The time when they allowed Ray Rice to pick up a first down on 4rth and 29. Those moments defined the season for the Chargers. They were simply not able to finish. The chargers could have won plenty of games, but due to poor play calling, poor blocking, poor throwing, and poor running they fell incredibly short from even thinking about the playoffs.

The Chargers are on the right path to become a better team by hiring Tom Telesco as the GM and Mike McCoy as the head coach. The next step for the chargers is to get a left tackle as well as a right tackle for the O line. The Chargers go up against Von Miller twice a year and they need someone that can block him. If they are able to pick up some good lineman then the running game and passing game will improve. On defense the Chargers were incredible for the most part. Everything was good except for the corner backs who were horrible. Jammer and Cason are just not starters anymore and the Chargers need to get better corners. If the Chargers can improve in these areas they can once again be considered contenders.