Save REAL cats by voting for Edge of Space on GreenLight!

Reverb Publishing and HandyMan Studios has made an interesting offer for cat lovers and gamers alike!  For their upcoming game, Edge of Space, they will be donating money to The Humane Society  if the game gets approved for release on Steam. If Edge of Space gets approved by October 15th through GreenLight then Reverb Publishing will donate $5,000 to go towards care of homeless cats!

This challenge is in honor of one of the many bizarre characters players will meet in the game. It is- you guessed it- an armored space cat. Edge of Space is a 2D survival, crafting and building game. The story centers around the the player who happens to be  an ArkCo recruit. After an indeterminate time in Cryo-sleep the player wakes up to find themselves in the depths of space in which their is no way back. Armed with ArkCo’s Technology players must find materials and use their wits to survive!

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