Serious Sam 3: BFE Plus Steam Workshop Equels Total Asomeness



With the rise  of the internet so has come the age of customization, what i am talking about is of course MOD’s. They allow the average user to download or develop their own flavor of their favorite game and add just about anything that they can imagine. Most time they are really just to give life back to an old game but in some cases; such as this; it can add more than what was there to begin with. To give a brief introduction this  game is called “Serious Sam 3: BFE” it is a game developed by the company’s Croteam and Devolver Digital. The basic premise of the game is that of almost “Duke Nuke’em”, you play the main character Serious Sam who’s job it is to save the world from an alien invasion. You cut your way through waves of enemy in order to accomplish your mission and defeat the alien menace. Pretty straight forward but it dose have some interesting environments that you get to fight through, from ruined city of the future to ancient Egyptian temples, not to shabby. The most interesting part though is the way the designers integrated Steam Workshop into their game. For those of you that are not familiar with what Steam Workshop is it basically gives players the ability to add to the game. Add character, maps by what i have read and seen it gives a wide range of options to modify the game to you and your friends liking. And with a large base of fans and players through the Steam network we are going to see some interesting things I’m sure. All in all it looks like a solid shooter that will offer even the most discerning First Person Shooter Connoisseur with a welcomed treat. With that I leave you with a small preview, Happy Gaming.