Here’s a little something about the game Shank.Shank weapons of choice are two blades for melee attacks. hand-to-hand combat is only the beginning of his combat skills. Shank also doles out punishing damage with pistols, a shotgun, and a handy chainsaw.Shank’s fighting style is based on a fast combos and a lot of blood.Shank can toss enemies into the air with a knife swipe, jump, and start an air combo or stay on the ground and shoot them up with his guns. shank also has grappling moves to pin his enemies down and Shank can  also hold his enemies where he can cut them with the chainsaw or reach into his backpack to take out a shotgun and cap them fools.Shank is still in development no word on what consoles shank is coming to rumors are that its coming out for the pc and xbox 360, shank will most likely be coming  out in 2010.